Harmony, order and self-development

These are the three main pillars of Japanese culture. 

In Syntropic World language, following our lineage of the work of Buckminster Fuller, these elements would be called the Pattern Integrity of Japan. 

The image I share, a break from the tradition of Beauty of Beginnings, is the Golden Temple in Kyoto. We were lucky enough to have the sun come out after a cold, wet morning, just as we arrived. The sun glittering of the pure gold of the temple.

Harmony and order are everywhere. Woven into the way the streets are arranged, the immaculate cleanliness, the gardens. The precision of traditional dress. The intricate flavours in the food. And the manners. Oh, can we please transplant Japanese manners into every person on Earth? 

After the sheer chaos of Tokyo, we have exhaled. 

A day spent walking through temples, gardens and autumn colours. 

I have read that self-development can warp into extreme overwork. I see evidence of this every time we get on a train. People sleep. Sitting, standing, people sleep. 

People also shop. The consumer society is thriving in Japan. Department stores are packed. 

Again, I refrain from making assumptions about any of this, allowing the experience to be as it is. 

I consider the Pattern Integrity of my home country, Australia – the colonised one. I am not sure my country will not ever integrate our ancient peoples. New Zealand is doing a much better job of this. Our colonised Pattern Integrity is a mashup, unstable. 

The centuries that have stabilised Harmony, Order and Self-development, even through a changing lens of time, give shape to a culture that I find reassuring. 

Photo Taken November 13th  2023