Healthy drama

The wonderful thing about sports is it is a field for healthy drama. 

Last night the Aussie team – the Matilida’s – played a match against Olympic Gold medalists, Canada. They had to win to advance to the knockout stage of the World Cup. 

They won 4-0 in front of a home crowd. 

Great sport, great sports people, healthy competition, is the field for play, challenge, digging deep, belief, heartbreak, passion, athleticism, years of dedication.

Without this, without a place to stoke the fires of striving, achievement and drama – we humans have a tendency to create other fields of drama. Conspiracy. Dark webs. Shadowy places. 

Let us create the field of play. Sport. Acting/drama. Art.

And in the world of daily engagement, find kindness and peace.

Photo Taken August 1st 2023