Healthy polarity creates wisdom

Don’t become a well-rounded person. Become a thoroughly spiky person, says Bruce Sterling.

I might propose a middle ground. Choose the spiky areas that you want to cultivate.

Total honesty is impossibly cruel. Total honestly says you will answer every question, no matter the harm is done. Yes, we are hiding this group of persecuted people from you. They are over there. 

All kindness is also impossibly cruel. You say nice words to your friend’s presentation, even though it fails to hit the mark your friend seeks to hit. You step over all sorts of mini and major perpetrations because of – kindness. 

Polarity is not meant to divide us. Healthy polarity creates wisdom.

A thoroughly well-rounded person is too nice, too safe, too conformist.

A thoroughly spiky person is an outright annoyance. 

Pick the places to be spiky. Those places where you care to your bones. The fierce, hold-your-ground-against-all-odds places. Knowing when you do, both applause and vitriol will be directed towards you.

Or live a nice safe life upsetting no one.

Photo Taken May 28th 2023