Heart exploding with so many things

Knowing that someone has my back. Thank you, Tony, Natalie, my mother, Fiona…and so many others

The gaze of my beloved, seeing me in my perfect imperfection and loving all of me. How honoured I feel to be held in that gaze. How his gaze enables me to simply be me, absent striving. What a gift.

To gaze at my beloved and have every part of my being soften and expand. At times the feeling almost impossible to hold. 

The sound of the ocean as I write, the gulls communing, the murmur of others enjoying the same view of glorious ocean.

The new routine of sitting on the bench by the ocean where this photograph was taken, rather than in the coffee shop.

The sun on my face, warming in the cool autumn breeze.

The warm embrace of those who showed up this week for the first session of my first online masterclass. My gratitude infinitely deep.

The pleasure of learning how to build an online learning platform, new skills, new adventure, all from home. 

The early hours, spent running, swimming, learning to surf. Nature, always the stage. Running in the moonlight. Surfing as the sun rises. The hug of warm clothes and hot coffee afterwards…so so so good to be alive.

Lucky. Lucky. Lucky. My Soul hits the Earth, the dirt, on her knees. Gratitude, immense. 

And you, who might chance to read these words. Thank you. 

May 14th 2020

Photo taken May 14th, 2020