Heartbreak is remarkable for clearing our vision

Sometimes the things that break your heart end up fixing your vision.

This quote, by an unknown author, captured my attention today.

In my case, it is not sometimes, a broken heart has been the reason my vision has cleared.

The cruelty and injustice of humans towards life and beauty. An economic system designed to crush.

Violations of integrity in any form.

Asymmetrical access to quality education, health care, a place at the table.

Raised in a liberal family, it was when I found myself as a single mother at the effect of a system stacked for the few that my heartbreak and struggle revealed the way things are for most.

This last week in Australia, our Prime Minster broke an election promise and signalled a change in new tax laws made five years ago, to come into effect this year. This tax change, as it stood, overwhelmingly privileged the privileged. 

In the face of extraordinary cost of living pressures. 

He made changes that privilege everyone, but especially the majority of Australians.

Have you broken a promise because it was no longer fit for purpose or context? 

As I wrote here, there is a big difference between a commitment, a promise and a vow. 

Heartbreak is remarkable for clearing our vision. Living the experience allows us access to humanity.

Photo Taken January 27th 2024