That Puffins are dying on mass because they can’t find enough food to consume before their migration, and literally starve to death en route. 

Heartbroken that a million more species will be extinct in the next few years.

Imagine if one of those species were humans. Perhaps it needs to come to that. 

These are not just animals and critters, these are our co-inhabitants of this beautiful world, each one as necessary to a thriving ecology as we are not. 

I understand that you might need work to pay your bills next week. And all the while you are suffering so from an economy that is designed intentionally to increase inequality, to have the few hold wealth that could not be spent in 4 lifetimes. 

And these few, fat off the backs of the many. Either through extraction, colonisation, objectification, exploitation…

Broken, so broken, is our model that says yes to dead puffins, yes to a million more, yes to poverty and displacement, yes to turning back the boats…when the boats of climate refugees is only now a trickle, yet to become a flood.

We chose to go to the moon, and we did it within a decade, using less total technology than I am typing on. 

It is not for lack of know-how, or money, or technology. 

It is lack of will.

Heartbroken for dead puffins. At our hands.

June 1st 2019

Photo taken June 1st, 2019