Held in love

The greatest minds of human history, the scientists and philosophers, after all of their contributions, their theories, their uncovering of the mathematics behind the Universe, almost unanimously arrived at the place of recognition that there is a force, a glue, an unmeasurable, unquantifiable something, that holds Universe together. This something is so beyond our capacity to truly know that to name it itself is to evoke a kind of hubris, a righteousness that becomes our undoing. 

Perhaps it is our hubris as humans to think we can ever solve everything, answer every single question, break everything down into discreet parts. Upload human consciousness to a machine.

Perhaps the great forever-unsolvable mystery is designed with the wisdom to keep us humble.

The very moment we think we have it, we have solved it..wack…back on our knees. Not this..not that…

Beauty reduces us—reminds us that we are mere piles of co-ordinated atoms, a part of a larger whole. Grief, tragedy, and loss do the same. No money, no amount of power can reverse loss.

To be held in love, by another, is one of the most extraordinary gifts given. Love as pure, absent all expectations or demands. Held in love gives us courage beyond our own capacity.

To hold another in love, to hold an idea in love, to hold the Earth in love…when we do this, when we join with love as metaphysical gravity, as the glue, the field of all creation, we partner with creation itself.

January 26th 2020

Photo taken January 26th, 2020