Hello Kali

I was lectured by a male recently about how I should show up in my work as a female, particularly in bringing Syntropic World to life. 

Apparently, I should not reach into the parts of me that have strong masculine energy. I should not be too aggressive. I should not be angry. I should not ever be dominant. 

I should instead present in all ways as the feminine. 

And, apparently, I need to correct course and do this and that instead.

I think about the Hindu Goddess Kali. She is the Goddess of time, change, power, destruction and death.

Kali energy has been part of me since I was a baby. (Ask my mother) It is neither right nor wrong. It is. My work is not to diminish my Kali energy, but to have it serve the world. If you are being bullied, you want me on your team. I fight for the marginalised and diminished. Just as Kali did.

Why are we asked as humans to cut out pieces of us? Men are asked to cut out their soft and feminine. Women are told not to be too bossy, aggressive, or masculine. 

I call BS on all of this. 

If there is a wonder of the transgender movement, it is that humans are fluid. I love this.

Fluid. Sometimes open, vulnerable, conciliatory, collaborative, caring. Other times raging, aggressive, dominant. 

Our work is not to be one or the other. The work is to be both and.

In a world captured by the dominant male energy, we need far more feminine energy as a counterbalance. As I wrote in Wise Power, those men of wisdom with power platforms might bring the wise feminine who do not have power platforms into the conversation with intent. When they do not, they diminish their words around change. This makes me angry. 

Hello Kali. 

When a male tells me how I should behave, hello, Kali.

I want men to be accepted for being vulnerable, deeply caring, collaborative people. I am surrounded by men like this. 

Just as I want to be accepted for those times when my Kali is in the room.

Our journey is to have the extremes of us kept in check by our wise selves. 

This is very different to cutting off who we are.

Photo Taken January 18th 2024