Like a very high frequency tunable radio set, our ability to pick up and send energetically, instantaneously, to multiple people, within our Universe is advancing at a rapid pace. Our biology is struggling to keep up with our energetic tunability.

We expect human biology to stay the same. But like everything, our biology, and specifically, our neurology, is undergoing accelerated acceleration.

Kids (and adults) who spend hours a day gaming are increasing their twitch speed. Constant high frequency input of images and output of hand eye co-ordination require a highly specified neurological network. Even without the online gaming world, our entire world has become faster. All of us a juggling competing commitments, multitasking, texting/talking/driving/working online/offline. The demands on our neurology to co-ordinate all of these activities are extreme.

We also seem to have an increase in neurological disorders, such as autism in its various forms. ADD, ADHD…the list goes on. Some of these conditions are legitimate, many children are diagnosed because of laziness. Strangely, we insist that our child be special, but if special is not looking like well behaved and ‘normal’ we medicate at the drop of a hat.

On the subject of medication, we are all over medicated. Even if we do not take medication, if we eat meat we are ingesting very high levels of antibiotics, as well as other spooky substances. Not to mention the ingestion of all the various other nasties in our air (radiation fall-out from Japan, with measures being taken in other parts of the world that are worth being concerned about). The impending superbug is only a matter of time. We have sterilised ourselves off the charts, inviting the always changing world of microbes to adapt to all manner of antibiotics, so that in the future, the very diseases we had conquered will thrive again or in new super resistant forms.

In this constantly changing, constantly ‘stressed’ ecosystem, our sensory perceptual capabilities are developing off the charts. If we pause for a moment, we can tune into frequencies unavailable to most people 50 years ago. Science points to entanglement…that when we have two paired particles and we separate them, if we tickle one, the other will feel the same tickle instantaneously, even if the distance between the two particles is thousands of miles. No speed of light here. Instantaneous. Time and space become irrelevant. The wisdom traditions all say we are all one. Exactly what was meant by this is becoming increasingly undeniable. Chaos theory talks about a butterfly flapping its wings in Brazil causing a storm in Asia. Bucky Fuller would say that all of us are tunable sets. Like a radio receiver, if we adjust the dials, we can pick up signals from around the world. The signals are already present, all that is missing is the tunable set.

We are becoming high frequency tunable sets.

Some people are already developing skills in this area that make no sense to our empirical  world. Intuition is becoming a more common place term, but it is still not regarded with any seriousness in traditional leadership programs. It still exists in the ‘new age’ genre. Science is racing to keep up with the unexplainable, unmeasurable world of people with extraordinary tunable sets. Their skills and abilities are viewed as unreasonable, and irrational.

Even with the rapid upgrade of our neurology via over stimulation, our intellect and language, our biology and our awareness is unable to catch up with our ability to pick up all the frequencies we increasingly have access to. In revolt, our biology develops autism, ADD etc. Our energetic systems are colliding with our biology with catastrophic consequences.

Many people will not be able to make it across the chasm. All of us need to develop the physical and spiritual stamina to not only acknowledge the signals we are sensing, but to make sense of them and have the intellect and language to interpret them. And to create a shield when our systems are in overload. To turn off the tunable set at times. An integral life practice is critical.


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