History Matters

In Australia and New Zealand, it is ANZAC day.

We remember.

And in remembering, we might ask questions.

How do we allow war to happen?

Will we humans ever find a way to be together without the need to kill each other?

What happens to those who decide to profit from killingry? And not just profit, to profit obscenely.

That the military-industrial complex is the biggest spend on the US government balance sheet. The bully impulse grows stronger, not weaker.

History is the place to learn, to reflect, to ask, to become adult. To realise the mistakes of our past and not repeat them.

If history was a classroom and we, the students, there is really only one score. Epic fail.

Today, we remember. Tomorrow, we forget.

My heart breaks.

April 25th 2019

Photo taken April 25th, 2019