Hold coherence of the whole

To maintain shape and space there is an intrinsic requirement for tension and compression to exist simultaneously.

A beautiful bubble exists in the dance between tension and compression.

Our Western rational mind see these two elements as discreet two-ness. The up to the down. The in to the out. The light to the shadow. The good to the bad.

We generally honour one element more strongly than the other.

The aspiration to go high. Be bigger, taller, stronger. In so doing, we disqualify the small, the weak, the lesser, missing that they are of equal importance to the integrity of the whole.

The Eastern mind might see these as one. The whole cannot exist without the parts. The bubble is tension and compression. Too much tension and it blows apart. Too much compression and it collapses.

The traditions that teach compassion to the broken, the weak, the disenfranchised, exist in a conversation that honours the path of time and wholeness. Today I might be a winner. Tomorrow, I might be hungry. Neither are good nor bad. They are simply the heads to the tails of one coin.

Our quest as humans is to find the place to hold coherence of the whole with freedom of the parts.

To the sunrise, the sunset.

July 30th 2018


Photo Taken July 30th 2018