Holding a set of values where the side effect of excellence is profit

It breaks my heart when a business built on care for the customer, offering quality service, highly personalised, shifts gears to become a slick corporate machine, deploying the ‘special’ software that strips requirement for relationship, spits out diagnosis with multiple opportunities for extraction and extortion of anyone either not game enough, or savvy enough to ask hard questions….

This happened to me yesterday with my motor mechanic.

From high touch, high care to extract as much as you can.

I wonder if this is100% the fault of the business owner? We have to say yes to the offer of becoming a slick modern business and doubling our profits. Those who profit from making the software programs that ensure every dollar possibility is exploited have a part in this. I have seen it in most professional services. 

To resist the temptation of doing this requires us as business people to hold a set of values where the side effect of excellence is profit.

I am also aware that in our current economic system and the current environment, we are almost required to extract as much as we can just to make ends meet.

I have to believe it is possible to have a highly professional, tech advantaged professional service that holds customer care and service as central.

We can do both. 

Like our current global economy, if we shift from placing growth and profit as central no-matter-what, towards the syntropic flourishing of all life, care of Earth and all her creatures, care of each other, we might have a future worth contributing to.

Photo taken July 15th, 2020