Holding our integrity

Is hard. The systems of the world would have us capitulate without a blink.

Often we do not even know that when we evoke a very acceptable system or structure it will, by its own nature, contaminate that with which we set to stay in Integrity.

I am not convinced that Mark Zuckerberg set out to create a monster. But he created a monster.

Rather than stay in the conversation about what the Pattern Integrity of Facebook wanted to do to connect the world, Zuckerberg capitulated to the shareholder impulse of how to make that connectivity make money.

If he had stayed true to the original impulse, he might have come to a whole different set of conclusions.

We often sell our souls because we do not know that there is another way.

Holding our integrity is hard. It might just be the most important job we have to do.

Photo taken March 17th 2019