Honest millions

Reading about how so much of wealth is made – I seriously wonder if there is any such thing as an honest multi-millionaire. I am pretty sure there are near zero honest billionaires. Maybe Taylor Swift, which is ironic, given how much she is hated by the Trumpians. 

We – those of us who treat all life as sacred, who refuse to exploit and colonise – must be extremely cautious when we meet a ‘wealthy person.’ How did they accumulate their wealth is a very significant question.

Did they do it by buying up aged care facilities and then striping the dignity of the elderly by feeding them disgraceful cheap meals and cutting care in every possible way?

Did they profit from scraping people’s emotional and personal data and selling it to the highest bidder?

Did they profit from insider information – the politicians and corporate predators seeking to feather their own nest? 

Did they play tax avoidance to the extreme, refusing to participate as a taxpayer in the flourishing of their community? Or perhaps they overinflated the value of their properties, seducing people with their glittering, yet hollow, corrupt life.

I am not even talking about the blatant criminals and mafia thugs. But the sanctioned crime of cheating and exploiting, leaving the devastation of human souls stripped of dignity, the Earth and our forests stripped of viable life, all in the rapacious greed for wealth of money.

So much of our society is made up of socially sanctioned exploitation and colonisation. Cool and normal. Some of us celebrate these people as gods. 

They are not gods. Not people I am interested in, not even for a moment. 

Thieves, cheats, liars, predators. Working a system that works for them.

And it does. This system works so well for them that they use their wealth to keep the system in place. 

Give me truth, integrity, decency, respect, consideration, kindness – any second of any day. 

Money gained through exploitation, extraction, and colonisation doesn’t make you wealthy. It makes you a thief, cruel, nasty – despicable. 

Can we please stop celebrating these people? 

More importantly, can we also break down the house that provides these horrid people with a playground?

This is the work of Syntropic World. To build a new house that makes the existing one obsolete. A house, living economy and planet that places the sacredness of life as central.

Photo Taken March 2nd 2024