One of the fascinating things about culture is manners – whether they are part of the fabric or not.

Where is the lived instruction that we respect the other? Where litter is something no one does. 

I watched two policemen this morning while walking through the nightclub district of Shinjuku after 7 AM – young people everywhere – and the police were helping an intoxicated male stand up. There was gentleness and humour in their handling of him.

In such a crowded city, safety is an experience you feel as you walk the streets.

Australians are used to freedom from fear of guns. Yet, we are also known for brutes and violence, for careless entitlement to be able to throw our rubbish on the ground, and for such a level of disrespect towards others. This type of disrespect is being modelled by many of our elected leaders.

There is something quite extraordinary about being able to walk the streets of a city of 12.5 million as a female and feel no fear. 

Clean streets, not a speck of trash, and no fear. 

Honour, a word I love, the act of displaying reverence or esteem toward, is a key element of the Pattern Integrity of Japan. 

Photo Taken August 17th  2023