Today I wake with hope. 

In South East Queensland, where I live, the rain has not stopped for 24 hours. 

Again. Floods. For some, the fourth time this year. For others, the fifth.

In Australia we have lurched from the most devastating bush fires as the prelude to a global pandemic, to biblical floods. All with the background of old white men touting coal as the badge of pride.

The arrogance, corruption, misogyny and cruelty of neoliberal ‘democracy’ has left integrity, respect, care, decency and kindness on a scrap heap of despair.

Out of this fester in Australia has risen a group of amazing women, standing for three things. Climate, integrity and women.

Bold. Fierce. Community driven. Reminding us that representation is about being with, speaking with and listening to the people you serve. Taking a stand against terrible odds. Not sitting down and being quiet. No need for spin and obfuscation.

Integrity. Truth. Kindness. Diversity. An equal opportunity for everyone. 

This is the world I want to see more of.

Photo taken May 5th 2022