Hot coals

Navigating a relationship of sensitivities like racism and white privilege is tricky, particularly in the in-between time when a white person is invested in understanding their privilege and systemic racism. 

It is understandable, given that people of colour have had to suffer the discarding of their being for generations. 

It is worth remembering that both parties often lack the skills to bridge this divide.

The pain and trauma of generations of directed hate at your being accumulate. Anger is quick. Judgement is harsh when something goes wrong, even if the white person is doing their best. 

An honest attempt to approach people of colour, indigenous people, and those decreed of lower caste will come with awkwardness and lack of skill. Bad mistakes will be made. 

The tragedy of this is when an honest attempt lands badly, and the reaction amplifies the divide.  

If we can all start holding the intent that we are genuinely learning to move beyond division, erasure and injustice, knowing the path will be bumpy as those of us who have been privileged learn from those who have been dehumanised and those who have been dehumanised move from bone-deep distrust to a relationship where mutual respect is possible.

Skills need to be developed on both sides. It is a journey. Intention, care, commitment and patience are required.

Photo Taken May 17th 2024