How beauty might guide

What vision of beauty beckons us?

I know I want a world where there are abundant forests, clean oceans, clear skies, and animals.

I want to be entranced by an ant doing ant business.

I want the face in the mirror to be my face, etched with a life lived. Proudly saying…I am here. I am beautiful. I celebrate my age.

When we clear cut a forest we clear cut a part of the soul of each of us. The rent in the fabric of Earth rips into the marrow of our being.

When we use up the billions of years of stored energy we have sucked ourselves dry of Earth’s vitality.

When we pump ourselves full of chemicals, through our food, our drugs, our beauty enhancers, our air, our addictions, we are mummifying ourselves while alive. Removing ourselves evermore from being intimate to our living Earth.

Whatever you are doing today, whatever your endeavour, please ask how beauty might guide your next decision.

Our precious Earth, our children’s future, our beloved animals, our souls…ask us to ensure beauty is our guide in all of our actions.

September 16th 2018

Photo taken September 16th 2018