How do we celebrate through all of this

That painful tension between what we know about the horrors occurring all around us and our need to celebrate the end of the year.

Political parties, oil-rich states and global oil oligarchs throwing Earth and all her creatures under the bus for a short-term gain of wealth and power, the sham of promises made to do differently, now only a half-arsed attempt.

The world fatigued and more distrustful than ever of institutions and those who profit from them.

Rogues states taking any semblance of care for international law and stomping on it. We will do whatever the hell we like. Just watch us.

And it appears we, the rest of the world, stand by watching.

That statement. “Do whatever the hell we like”, a now entrenched remnant from the times of COVID. 

Individualism maintained at any price to the collective. Individual states at any price of other states. 

How do we celebrate through all of this? 

Celebrate the end of the year. Celebrate being with family. 

The tension between knowing and enjoying life and aliveness.

The same tension between being alive and knowing death is but a whisper away. 

Not one or the other. Both. Together. Always. 

It is to dance with this tension, becoming adept at inhabiting it, if we want to know both the immense sadness of existence that lives beside unbridled joy.

Photo Taken December 9th 2023