How do you begin your day?

If you were hosting in your home the person you admire and respect most in the world, how would you be sure they began their day with you? How would you treat the treasured guest?

How do you begin your day?

Consider that if we begin our day as the treasured guest, if we start with connection to all that is sacred to us, if we do this as our first act, not the second, or third, we just might begin to build the life that has been calling to us.

….we might just say yes to all that has been rolling in ecstasy at our feet…

To connect to the sacred within us…as our first act, and to do this especially when our world seems to be falling apart and we are deep in the bowels of despair, is to give the simple gift to self that says yes to life. “I may not know the reason why, but I respect that there is great value in my being. And today, as my first act, I will honour myself as the precious guest.”

January 4th 2018

*Photo taken, 19th March 2014,

*Inspiration for this taken from the work of Rumi.