How do you hold this contradiction

Against a backdrop of a deadly rampage in Sydney yesterday, the Middle East on the precipice of war, and Germany ejecting people for speaking for Palestine, this morning was beautiful in my local hood.

The sunrise from the water was spectacular. The waves less crowed, and quite perfect. Dolphins jumped in front of me. I felt my groove in the water for the first time in a while. It was so much fun.

How do you hold this contradiction? 

I have lived long enough to know that everyone experiences the cycles of life—the ups and downs. Immunity is not optional.

I can know absolute bliss in the moment, and hold the horror and grief others are experiencing. 

My grief will come. My time for feeling their grief will be made. For now, just for this sweet dawn moment, I and life play in delicious delight. I am grateful. 

Photo Taken April 14th 2024