How do you spend your energy

Imagine that at midnight in every time zone on the planet, every human gets a fresh deposit of 100 units of energy.

How do you spend your energy each day?

Some energy goes to the normal things of life. Walking to and fro, eating, working.

And some goes to projects, relationships, sport and exercise….

Imagine that you are having relationship issues – be that work-based or intimate partner-based. How much of your 100 units of energy is going towards this?

Imagine if you are having other issues – money/debt/finance issues. Health issues. Self-worth and self-esteem issues? How much of your energy goes to these?

Many times a relationship issue can consume more than our daily 100 units. This takes us into energy debt.

Humans can sustain energy debt for a time, but ultimately the debt will leach vitality from our cells, and we will suffer dis-ease as a consequence.

I have worked with many people who have been in relationships that consume over 100 units each and every day for years.

Imagine instead that you had this energy freed up to focus on things that make your heart sing? How much more of life might be available to you? Might you be able to focus on things that make your work, your health, your life, thrive?

August 7th 2019

Photo taken August 7th, 2019