How easy is it to blame

I am hurt. 

It is their fault.

Look what they did to me.

When we do this, when we point the finger at the other, we simultaneously give the other the authority over us. In so doing, we lose our agency. When the other is to blame, we become helpless and the victim of circumstance. Blaming others is a very disempowered state. 

The moment we realise that for things to change, I must first change and that my ability to choose how I respond in the moment is where my true power* lies, I become free. (*Power to act, not power to dominate.)

Some people play this game of blame and victim as a control mechanism. I need the attention. I am the broken one. The cry for help and the appeal to suffering is a strategy to manipulate and control, conscious or not.

The way to stop the game is to see it for the game it is. 

No one can make us feel threatened. No one can make us feel attacked. We choose to feel attacked as a response.

How easy is it to blame. The hard work is in taking responsibility, being accountable, and leading change.

Photo Taken November 7th  2023