How Love Speaks

Often in strange ways.

For many, the ability to drop into the fullness of our emotional scale is terrifying. Instead of the many keys on a piano, the white and dark, we might be limited to 3 or 4. 

This is a result of our culture, our upbringing, our need to protect ourselves from the harsh and damaging as children.

Our society finds emotional scale confronting. We want safe and steady. Easier to go to a movie, sit in a dark space and go for the emotional rollercoaster than to bring this into our lives and workspaces.

We fumble to speak love. 

We might instead see it in the small touches, the little acts, the generous gestures. The person who stays in a conversation when leaving is easier.

Hollywood has taught us that it is the grand gestures. The romance. And we might long for this. 

Do not discount the small, the tangential.

Reach for the dictionary of love. It speaks with a thousand words, in colours, pictures, actions, silence, stillness…and most often, those from whom we long to hear love spoken speak to us in a language we have yet to learn.

May 2nd 2019

Photo taken May 2nd, 2019