We have our priorities right?

Probably a few too many, all jostling for position at the top of the line.

And then we have our distractions. All the funky stuff that swallows chunks of precious time.

If your business, or your project, or your work in the world matters to you, the question is how much time do you spend in communion with your business or your project?

Here is what I mean.

How much time do you spend in quiet, really tuning into your business, paying attention to the signals it is delivering? Asking what it needs now and for tomorrow? Tuning into the rhythm and timing of launches, events, the need to go hard, or the need to relax and flow? Examining your emerging business against decisions…who to hire, where to move, what needs to be created? Considering internal and external dissonance?

If you work for someone else…and love your work, this activity matters just as much, particularly if you are a leader. What is your team telling you? Their unspoken messages? What are you not hearing…what is not being said? Where are you pushing? Where is the flow?

If you work for someone else and you want to be somewhere else..tune in to what is emerging..what is your deepest desire. Take the time to get below the surface of the shiny fake desires to what matter most…the ‘all in’…’this is my one wild and precious life’ desires…

What we pay attention to tells us who we are and what we will create in the world.

Your business, your work in the world…needs your love and attention. Not just randomly, but daily…as a practice…

Why are you not doing this?

PS…until recently I was not doing this. How could I not be doing this…my work, after my health and my daughter, is my biggest priority? Being busy is not paying attention. Paying attention is tuning in, being receptive, quiet… Tuning in requires focused time. Heart time. Intuitive time. Daily. Make it a priority.


Photo credit: Shereen M via Compfight