How Small Scale Practices Echo Across the Universe A Deep Dive into Syntropy

In the Cosmology of Syntropic World, we discuss the six meta-features that inform our work.

  1. We are inside a Universe, and the Universe has laws. To live in coherence with Universe, we apply these laws to everything.
  2. Nature takes her own rocks apart. She is constantly transforming.
  3. All organs within an organism work together as agents within community. Neither too agentic nor too differentiated.
  4. An atom cannot exist without an electromagnetic field.
  5. It requires 12 Degrees of Freedom to stabilise any system.
  6. How we are at the small scale is how we are at the large scale. The Patterns of Universe repeat at scale. What we practice at the small scale repeats at the large scale—fractals on fractals.

Today I will be focusing on #6. What we practice at a small scale repeats and reverberates through Universe.

Let me give you an example.

If we want to build a business to create corporate cultures of love and courage, our enterprise needs to deliver this and its people must embody love and courage.

If we seek to reforest Earth, our enterprise needs to use the patterns of foresting in its design.

If we want to heal the world through agriculture, we need to heal ourselves and our businesses with precisely the same principles.

If we seek to have Syntropic Enterprises become the usual way of enterprising, we must demonstrate Syntropic application in all things.

If we seek great love and partnership, we must be great lovers and partners to ourselves.

This might sound like common sense.

Yet few businesses or leaders consider this.

We, our individual selves, our team, the enterprise design and our culture must be the model we seek to change.

It is not about perfection. It is about intention and awareness. We consider, apply, learn, review and repeat.

Integrity means to hold its shape.

At the simplest level, Syntropic World aims to rebuild trust and integrity back into business, economy, governance and community.

The fractal Pattern of Universe speaks to a granular application of integrity that cannot be ignored.

We have to do the hard work within ourselves. We must create cultures that hold us as individuals and the team as a collective to account and responsibility. The structures that maintain us must have a design that ensures both of these things. We must be comprehensively considerate of our local and global actions, short and long-term.

This is a commitment.

On the upside, we grow up and become more whole, integrous, and more fully expressed in our Pattern Integrity.

The team is synergistic – far better for being together.

We demonstrate through our every action who we are, the intention we hold, and why trust and integrity are built into our DNA.

There is great joy and freedom of being in this type of commitment.

It takes work. Perseverance. Saying NO to everything that does not demonstrate this. Being rigorous with our integrity. Refusing to exploit, to adopt positions of entitlement to becoming arrogant. Or lazy.

It means we surround ourselves with people who will not let us get away with our BS, from love.

We do not shy away from the most difficult conversations, for love.

We are not captivated by group mind and collusion if we are a team. There is enough safety and integrity for one to speak about any minor or macro violation, and be heard.

That we become familiar with the edge. With the polarity.

Our leadership becomes stronger, and our voice a transmission.

Who we are, what we say, and how we do things are coherent and aligned. All the way up, down and through.

When people within a Syntropic Enterprise violate the integrity of the demonstration of Cosmology point #6, when they treat others with disrespect, fail to consider the consequences and precession, when they exploit gifts and exchanges, when they demonstrate entitlement or arrogance, then it must be called out and reflected immediately. If the lesson cannot be seen and learned, then the dissonant pattern will cause a trimtab wobble, destabilising the enterprise.

Our commitment is to be the model.

We can and will make mistakes. But not the same mistake repeatedly. When we make a mistake, it is to be learned from so we do not repeat it. There may be a requirement for actions to rectify the mistakes. An apology, reparations. A commitment to change.

Too often, a steward leader or team member will step over mistakes made. Big atrocities do not become big overnight. They become big through little atrocities, seemingly inconsequential, repeated without being named and halted. Millions of people have died because we persistently stepped over little atrocities.

To hold the shape and integrity of a Syntropic Enterprise, bringing to life a Source Idea for a purpose that increases the well-being of Earth and all her creatures is not a Sunday picnic. Steward leadership requires a fierce and passionate commitment to integrity, to be held to account and to hold others accountable. If this type of action bothers you, do not step into the arena of Steward Leadership of a Syntropic Enterprise.

You must care enough, love enough, to never step over violations of the Pattern Integrity of what you are Stewarding.

You must dare enough to surround yourself with equally fierce team members who will call you on your BS – with love and rigour.

We get to create the future. Everyday. In every choice we make.

What future are your actions today creating?