How to complete the year

Part #1.

Look back over the year.

Notice if there is any area that carries a lingering charge. Your body being is stirred up, you notice anger, frustration, or a host of words that swirl inside, unexpressed.

Was there an expectation you had that fell flat, leaving you disappointed?

Did you fail to live up to your own standards? Did you break promises you made with yourself?

Did you allow other people to take power over your life in some way, manipulating you to do things you wish you had not done? Did you allow yourself to be seduced emotionally, mentally or physically? Were you blinded by BS? 

Look for any areas where peace does not preside. 

Note them all down, even those of the smallest magnitude.

Part #2.

What do you need to do to restore everything you have listed down to right relationship, where you are at peace? 

Often times this will be an inner reconciliation. Sometimes we might need to have a conversation. Using tools like the Speak the Truth process can be powerful.

Many times we need to forgive. Ourselves and others. We might have expected way too much. We might not have asked clearly for what we needed and wanted.

There are times we cannot do anything about the other person whom we feel has been a perpetrator towards us. The healing has to be our own. This can take time.

Sometimes we need to go, cap in hand, and ask for forgiveness. To own our lack of responsibility and accountability. To name the action.

Sometimes the situation was beyond our control. Let it go. 

Many times the circumstance has to do with timing. In time, this, too will pass.

Completion is liberating. It is also a commitment. It requires doing the work. 

Do the work. Live lite. 

Photo taken December 14th 2022