How to design projects teams communities and enterprises

If it is to work, be that a physical thing or a service, there is a structural integrity required.

When the structural integrity is present, beauty is also.

Unity is plural, at minimum six, said Buckminster Fuller. 

But what does this mean?

Six elements are required to stabilise any system. Not five or seven. And each element must have its complementary pair embedded so polarity is present. When we are moving towards Syntropy, we cannot forget its pair, Entropy. This is the Principle behind Twelve Degrees of Freedom.

Unity – Universe – Love as metaphysical gravity – is the field of everything. Love unfolding autopoieticly, ever emergent, ever Syntropic. This is like the fabric of the tapestry upon which life is woven.

The elements provide the points around which the system, our life, the project, holds its shape on the tapestry, only it does so in four dimensions.

And though this, the strange attractor, the organising principle of chaos, directs us. This is our purpose, declared or not.

If any of these elements are missing from your design, the integrity to hold its shape will also be missing.  

Sometimes we design spontaneously and everything is there in the design from the beginning. Mostly we design and we seek to impose our wants onto the idea, and thus we create the separation from Nature.

The Syntropic Enterprise Masterclass teaches how to design projects, teams, communities and enterprises that are coherent and aligned with Nature. Join us next week.

Photo Taken May 9th 2023