How to empower the makers and misfits

In a world straining with conformity enforcers, we need those at the edges pushing towards human evolution. Edge dwelling is fraught with dangers. The unknown, uncertain, untested terrains.

Here are a few thoughts on supporting the makers and misfits who see possibilities as yet unknown and unseen.

Nonconformity + community building. Do not try to take uniqueness and have it fit. Encourage makers and misfits to work with the whole community towards something bigger than any one of us. All of us are misfits in some area. And all of us want to find our tribe.

Curiosity + Constraints. Endlessly curious, makers and misfits live in a world where the constraints (real and designed) build superordinary creativity. Constraints and creativity enable humans to cross thresholds into uncharted spaces.

Activity + contemplation. Makers and misfits want to do, make, and build. But before, during, and after the building process, they must contemplate, consider, observe, and question the consequences.

Impossibility + great questions. Don’t tell them it’s impossible. Ask them a question that either makes the impossible possible or encourages them to take a step closer to making it possible.

Encouragement + feedback. How easy is it to ridicule, criticize, and tear down. Does it help? Anyone?  (Except perhaps feelings of righteousness in the critique.) Encourage = heart felt. Give feedback, also heartfelt. See the effort, see the bravery in starting. Ask a question, give feedback to build up, and build up some more.

January 25th 2020

Photo taken January 25th 2020