How to feed a hungry ghost

Addictions are like hungry ghosts. Invisible, never satisfied. 

They speak to an absence, a lack, that is baked into our being.

We seek to satisfy them through exterior interventions. 

But the exterior interventions are like sugar. Calorie laden yet lacking nutrition.

Hungry ghosts need a different nutrition. 

Soul food. 

Deep enduring love. Universal safety. Connection to earth, home, ground. Sanctuary from the million and one choices of life. Strong, clear boundaries.

Without strong boundaries our hungry ghosts rule our life. They do this subtly, covertly, manipulatively. They play victim, seducer, parasite.

The inner journey is not for the faint of heart. We meet our terrors. Our shame. Our humiliation.

These parts of us, the broken, lost, damaged…do not want to be denied witness. They are us. 

They want, as much as we want, to be held in love.

How to feed a hungry ghost. Love it, witness it, keep it held in love with firm boundaries. 

February 4th 2020

Photo taken January 31st, 2020