How to fly higher

The paradox is that it is the things that keep us centred and grounded that will enable us to fly higher.

Scattered energy, scattered focus, undisciplined thinking…zero structure…these are the things that keep us from going higher, further…

Without discipline, we crash and burn. Without structure, all the molecules, ideas, creativity and people disperse.

To have the practice that enables our being to stabilise, every day…be that sport, meditation, journaling, or a combination…is to our Soul sustenance as air is to our life.

It might feel like a constraint. But in the actions we take to stay grounded, inhabiting our body, centred and not scattered, is our ultimate ability to scale to heights beyond our comprehension.

Feet to Earth, skin to sea, face to sun. Every day. Coming home to body being now.

August 6th 2019

Photo taken August 6th, 2019