How to recalibrate. To unfurl from the tangle. To return to love.

Jangled nerves, too much going on. Scattered, and demanded of. Holding too many perspectives.

Giving too much. Filled to the brim with doing. Pulled from one project to another.

A sense of pressure. 

Squeezed. No space. No space for breathing, pausing, stillness.

How to recalibrate? How to return to love. To find spaciousness. To unfurl the tangle. 

To hold onto the thread that makes sense. The one that has a continuity of our being. Our Pattern Integrity.

To recalibrate is to not just find time and spaciousness, but to reconnect. 

To Beauty. To love. To the intimacy of communion, conversation.

It is to put a strong boundary, a moment carved with deliberate intention, around the million competing noises and distractions, and to sink into the expansiveness of our being.

To have a primary conversation with ourselves. With our beloved. With the wind, and rain and earth. 

And to do this with the commitment of love. For ourselves, for the greater “I” that brings wholeness to the world more effectively, more intentionally, when we are coherent and recalibrated to the whole.

This is important work towards a world that works for Earth and all of her creatures, perhaps the most important work we can do.

February 23rd, 2020

Photo taken February 23rd, 2020