How to solve problems – Start with the whole, invite multiple perspectives, keep your mind wide open

If we have a problem to solve and we try to do this in our own head…absent any other input, then we are anti-synergistic.

Or, to put it another way, we are already failing to deploy the greatest exponential technology in Universe. Synergy. Synergy requires at least a twoness, the other, and ideally more than one other.

The danger of inviting the other and multiple perspectives is that we might find that we, or the other, have a deep attachment to our perspective, and fail then to step back from the platform of righteousness and invite the possibility of a solution that transcends the solution of any one person.

When people arrive to problem-solving with an open mind and heart, willing to listen deeply to multiple perspectives, all held lightly, the chance of a mind-blowing, synergistic solution is almost guaranteed.

May 13th 2020

Photo taken May 13th, 2020