How to start a Syntropic Enterprise

A Syntropic Enterprise is one committed to creating a better world for Earth and all her creatures. A Syntropic Enterprise does this by applying the laws inherent in nature to enterprise design, human co-ordination, accounting for value, enabling financial, physical and developmental provisioning, and structuring the legal code of the enterprise.  

As such a Syntropic Enterprise is building entirely new models of enterprise that make our existing exploitative extraction to extinction models obsolete.

Syntropy, the opposite of entropy, means to leave everything better. 

To start a Syntropic Enterprise we need the following four elements that provide the direction and integrity of what we are stewarding.

1. An Evolutionary Purpose. A ‘why’ that gets you up each day with love and determination, one that will stay steady and true even when the going gets tough, which it will.

2. A Source Idea. The idea that is the ‘how’ towards your Evolutionary Purpose. (Not the form of the enterprise, which will become evident over time.)

3. The Source Idea has its own Pattern Integrity at the point of inception of the Source Idea. The Pattern Integrity is a unique combination of values, principles, behaviours, textures, that are critical to identify and essential to keep 100% intact, no matter what. 

4. The Source Idea arrives usually for one Steward Leader, occasionally for more than one. The primary role of the Steward Leader is to maintain the Pattern Integrity of the Source Idea until the whole enterprise has enough maturity to maintain it through any future change.

Once we have these elements in place we then begin to create the enterprise architecture that enables people who care about the purpose to convene. The enterprise architecture needs to enable an ecology that invites synergy, where the collective is exponentially greater than any one person.

To do this we enact a code, a set of agreements, rules and activities that create a threshold crossing event that delineates those who are actively building the enterprise and those who are passive observers. At Syntropic World we call this the Trust Manifesto. By design it requires a level of commitment from active participants to make the crossing over the threshold. 

One of the commitments we use in Syntropic World is the completion of the Synergistic Audit. We ask you to name what you have the capacity, willingness and desire to bring to this enterprise or project in six domains of input, and what you expect in exchange for bringing these things, also in six domains. This is a mutable record. 

Following these steps we then stay in communion with the Source idea and its Pattern Integrity, trusting that as we honour that which we are gifted to steward, the way forward will be revealed and become possible. 

Photo taken March 8th 2021