How to start the day right

I am a morning person, clearly. Sunrise currently in my world is 4.45 AM. 

I love the mornings, quiet roads, empty beaches, empty waves.

It is a morning culture where I live. Summer heat means unless you are up early it gets too hot to exercise outdoors anytime after 7 AM.

Jumping out of bed is normal for me. Like an eager child, excited for the new day and all the potential it holds.

Here are a few tips for starting your day well. Like most things, it is how we prepare and the habits we build, that set the stage for the life we long for.

Go to bed early enough to ensure a solid 8-hour sleep. 

Eat a lighter dinner the night before. Drink minimal alcohol. Waking up hungry and clear-headed is a good thing.

Prepare your clothing for the activities of the day. Pack a swim bag, put the surfboards in the van, get your bike set to go. Aim to get up and go.

Have something wonderful to look forward to, to start your day. Ideally, blend some movement with time to think. A walk. Meeting a friend for coffee. Quiet time in nature to contemplate your life. Finding a wave. I love being outdoors, no matter the weather. This morning it was surfing following heavy rain.

Getting the start of every day right is what I call bookending. It sets the frame that holds the shape for the day. Within the day, one thousand variations are possible. But my mornings are a sacred ritual lived, not negotiable. 

When life throws you hard balls, which it will, the morning ritual and practice will become the tether against the wild winds that might otherwise sink you.

Photo taken December 16th 2022

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