How to think

Have you ever asked yourself how you think? How do you gather data and make a decision?

Where do you go to access? And is that source absent the mind-bending algorithm that will send you down a rabbit hole without even knowing?

Our devices are all weaponised to capture our attention. The capacity of both the algorithm, and the art of propaganda is such that we are seduced in ignorance. Smart, intelligent people are believing in propaganda, certainly not for the first time in human history. And the propaganda machine is becoming ever more smarter than we are, knowing exactly our hot points, and how to hook us.

It makes the question of how we think ever more important. Perhaps even to leave platforms like Google that are invested in our mind capture. (Duck duck go is an alternative) Perhaps the game is to ask yourself how you can change your Facebook news feed by messing with it. Or using a browser that doesn’t link your search back to the big platforms.

A prerequisite of any ‘how to think’ strategy is diversity. To seek multiple perspectives, to ask questions that invite all possibilities. To bring to the table not just the experts, who have by their expertise created tunnel vision, but the innocent and those living in the trenches of the inquiry as well as the neo-generalists, trained in whole systems views.

Our times are calling for adults to learn to think. Let us all not assume we know how.

For some compelling material to think about see this series Operation Infektion. A long game is being played to divide. We are the game.

December 6th 2018

Photo taken December 6th 2018


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