How we can build beautiful

We have a choice. We can spend our time focusing on all that is wrong.

Seeing the mistakes we made. Tearing our hair out in agony at the crazy in the world.

Allowing anger to consume us until we too become the very virus that infects.

Seeing ourselves in comparison to the illusion of others and feeling deeply lacking.


We can look to the horizon of possibility. To what we can do. To how we can build beautiful.

We can show up and say no. We can hold our ground against injustice. Consistently, repeatedly, determined.

It is a long road. See what is, and keep focused on the next 100 years

Towards the trajectory of the good, the true and the beautiful.

It matters not your age, your skill, your history to here.

What matters is the decision made today. Repeated.

October 7th 2018

Photo taken October 7th 2018