How we rise from mediocrity

To put ourselves into situations that ask us to step up and through.

To set intentions and a purpose that inspires and are unlikely to be achieved in our lifetime.

To be uncomfortable often, uncertain as a norm.

To grow up as we create the seemingly impossible, not needing to wait to start until the way is revealed, knowing that to start the way will be revealed.

To be the example. Every day. Even when no one is looking.

To fall down, and get up again. To own the error as ours. To learn from it.

To consider the whole from the beginning. Knowing that our capacity to do so will expand as we grow, that our perspective will become vast as we become more humble. 

To take time to restore, reset, nourish. Our body being the instrument requiring love and regard.

To listen deeply to the voices of others: Those who stand with us in the arena of action. Those we serve. The future. 

To dare to speak to the unspeakable. To speak with clarity. Integrity. Vision. To hold others to account after we have held ourselves to account.

This is how we rise from mediocrity. 

Not fame, not glory, but the truth of rising to our best, building the path one step at a time.

Photo taken May 15th 2021

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