Hubris is a window to a power shift

The glorious thing about being stripped bare is exposure to what we care most about.

Indulgence and entitlement grow like nasty habits, slowly, slowly…until they become rooted, hard to extricate. Petulant, complaining, fragile.

Years and decades of indulgence and entitlement, of privilege, remove the wild untamed creativity that comes from living constantly on the edge.

The most creative places in the world are not the ones awash in cash, but those where making do make it through. 

Looking at this from a meta-level, entitled nations, even when entitlement is skewed into the hands of the few, have almost zero capacity to respond to massive change. Privilege breeds out resilience while breeding in hubris. 

And hubris is a window to a power shift.

April 11th 2020

Photo taken April 11th, 2020