Human apex predators

Apex predators are those at the top of the food chain. They have no natural predators seeking to kill them. (Other than humans)

Lions. Great White Sharks. Crocodiles. Killer Whales.

There has been considerable debate about humans being apex predators. All other apex predators have a place in the cycle of life. They maintain the balance. 

A Lion cannot wipe out the entire Earth. Humans can.

Within the human species, we might argue that we have apex predators. These creatures will do anything at all in the quest for power, money and control. Zero morals or ethics. Zero care for the consequence on others.

We might also argue that we have built an operating system to encourage the rise of human apex predators. This is a win-lose game. Every time. Even the apex predator will lose in the end. But not before they accumulate obscene wealth and power and inflict terrible harm. 

When the human apex predators get together, the game is on between them. To be under any illusion that it is not is a fool’s illusion. 

Put another way, if you get into a tank of great white sharks, you better be a great white shark. Or lunch.

To be surprised by the human apex predators war-ing is to forget the beast we are dealing with.

In this game, there is only ever one winner in the short term. 

One king. No place for two.

**Disney captured this story well in the movie The Lion King.

Photo Taken June 25th 2023