Human first

I do not know.

I made a mistake.

I do not have the whole context, so I do not have the right to comment or criticise.

I acted foolishly.

I acted in haste.

I did not think about the consequences.

I did not think about you.

Think about these sentences. 

Every single one of us has many occasions to say some versions of these sentences. If we do not, if we hide our humanity, cover up our mistakes, and act with selfish, ill-considered intent, then we are contributing to a world lacking accountability, responsibility, and humility.

Think about those people who hold positions of power, elected or otherwise.

Let’s count how many times we hear these types of statements made by those who profess to be able to lead and make change happen.

Seriously. Let us count the times.

I want leaders who are human first. Those who demonstrate humility, own their mistakes, are willing to listen deeply (meaning they listen more than talk) and consider the long-term plan. They do not ridicule for fun and gain.

They are rare in the geopolitical class. Rare in the corporate elite. Rare in the tech bro culture.

Found more often at the grassroots. With community-minded people. With the marginalised and erased. 

We must lead by example and ask more from our ‘leaders.’   

Photo Taken March 10th 2024