Human Murmurations

We watch transfixed as hundreds of birds fly a symphony, totally aligned to some strange force that enables complete co-ordination.

How is this possible, we ask?

Might it be possible for a multitude of humans to be able to do the same? Not rehearsed, but because we are tuning into a greater field as we pay attention to the immediate field.

This is the nature of synergy. 

It has a set of preconditions. 

Each individual must relinquish their need to be Individual. Not me, not I, but us. The collective.

The collective must aspire to a clear and transcendent purpose. One that is beyond the ability of any one individual.

There needs to be an exquisite attenuation to the field. Nothing else but attunement. 

We must know that by engaging the field synergistically, the power of collective minds in murmuration is exponential.

And we must relinquish our need to control, dictate, dominate. To choose instead to dance with. To partner.

Once we have the experience of human murmuration, it is impossible to work in any other way.

My effectiveness is limited by my acts in isolation.

August 8th 2019

Photo taken August 8th, 2019