Humanity cheering for each other to bring out their best

Yesterday I had the privilege of being a very close witness to a para-sport at an International track and field event.

Women’s T38 Long Jump final at the Commonwealth Games 2018.

Across the very same track, to an audience of 35,000, was the 100m able-bodied heats, which included the fastest runners in the world from Jamaica.

Watching these women compete on the same day in the same stadium, not relegated to a “Para” only event, gave me more hope for humanity than I have experienced in a while.

Their interaction with their coaches, the permanent smiles on their faces, no matter what result they achieved, the simple joy from being was hard to not be deeply moved.

The crowd loved it.

This is the great side of sport. The great side of a Games event.

Humanity cheering for each other to bring out their best.

And even when that might not be possible on the day, cheering for giving it our all.

The young man who was almost lapped in the 5000m race was given more of a cheer for his endurance than the winners. He stuck it out, so far behind that the temptation to fall into shame might be normal. But no, he came to run and finish, and that he did.

We see ourselves in these athletes. We touch courage, determination, resilience, trials, heartbreak, luck, terrible bad luck..the whole rollercoaster that is our wild life… we touch this all in one day as we witness sport played on a world stage.

Magnificent flawed humanity.

April 9th 2018


Photo Taken April 9th 2018


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