Humans are not machines

Yet we have adopted machine language to describe ourselves.

We hack, process, engineer, multitask, download, upload, are cogs in a wheel.

Slowly slowly, by adopting machine words to describe ourselves, we have become removed from what it is to be human. 

When those few who hold all of our data use it to manipulate our every move, we swallow the poison as if our heads are in the clouds. Which they actually are. Clouds owned by the richest companies in the world who know more about us than we do.

Humans are not machines. We cannot multitask, we are complex, emotive. It might be time we start taking back our humanity.

Put humans at the centre, and build technology to support humanity. End the myth that we need technology to save us from ourselves.

February 3rd 2019

Photo Taken February 3rd, 2019