Humans as political point scorers

The end justifies the means? 

If we want to stop refugee’s from paying profiteers stupid sums of money that they do not have to risk their lives to cross an ocean to arrive in a new land seeking simple dignity and opportunity, we incarcerate people for years and years. We treat them all as criminals. We remove any form of dignity. 

To make a point. 

And the people who do this to refugees and perhaps the occasional opportunist go to a Church on Sunday, pretending to be of the Christian faith. A faith built on love, especially love of the downtrodden. (I am writing specifically about Australian politics here.)

The end justifies the means? Of yeh of heartless, cruel faith, how lacking is your imagination?

Surely if you applied a little more imagination you, we, us, might come up with a better solution? 

The end justifies the means is a failure of human ingenuity.

It lives in a world where we must put up strong walls to prevent the have-nots from accessing our treasures. Where, if we really tell the truth, the haves (that would be you and I) have agreed to a global economic system that keeps the have-nots in the have-not class. Where short term wickedness to grab all the spoils keeps the majority broken.

They are humans too…

Too long have we made the innocent political point scorers. Like some Mad Max game of rugby, where the ball is humans, and the kicking is as cavalier as if the ball was a ball. 

Such a lack of imagination, a lack of truth, a lack of all-human-Christ-like compassion. Clinging like those refugees caught in a storm to a broken boat, our politicians and their media and corporate enablers hunker down, the sunk cost, forgiveness and human decency, too much for them to stomach. 

 As if dignifying humanity is a form of capitulation, failure? 

How did we get to this? The cruelty. The winner takes all. The hypocrisy.

We must look long and hard in the mirror.

We the people might remember that citizenship is a right AND a responsibility. To sit back and point, to throw rocks…this is not to be an active citizen. 

We must write, speak, protest, name, call out, call, shout, participate, vote…

If we want a more beautiful world.

Call your local MP. Call the Department of Home Affairs. Speak. Write Shout. Do it every day. 

And consider next time you hear, “The end justifies the means?” if this is indeed true or a convenient truism that enables people to do terrible things. 

Humanity can do better. I, me, you, we, are humanity.

Photo taken June 2nd 2021