I am a proudly difficult older woman

I am not a middle-of-the-road person. I have always been a disruptor, questioning the status quo. 

As a women, I speak my truth, call out liars, and do not stand for cheats, narcissists or those professing greatness off the back of a house of cards.

As such, I am called difficult.


I intimidate those who cannot stand in the heat of their own real or unknown BS.

Yet I have infinite compassion for the excluded, marginalised, voiceless.

I stand up to bullies. 

And I neither roll over or go away.

Like Jimmy Cricket, from Pinocchio, I will be the voice in your ear. Your conscience.

Asking you, politely at first, then will increasing temper, to approach all humanity with humanity.

I live on the edge. 

I see a more beautiful world for all humans and Earth and it is towards that I have committed my life.

I am not always right, though I can sound righteous.

If you speak respectfully to me as a fellow human, I will change my mind, change my opinion towards yours, in a heart beat, if what you offer is more whole, more in integrity, than mine.

And I will grant you the acknowledgement of my change of mind publicly.

I am a left and right of centre difficult woman. Happily imperfect.

My intention comes from love, for Earth and all of her creatures.

I invite partnership. You will not dominate me. We can have robust and respectful debates.

If I make you uncomfortable, perhaps that is good.

We all need to feel challenged by someone. It is the way systems grow.

Difficult, smart, sexy, fit and yes, an older woman.

Ignore me or underestimate me at your own risk, and loss.

But together, if you care, truly care about a world with a future, as I do.

We can move Earth closer to the heavens, closer to light.

February 17th 2020

Photo taken February 16th, 2020