I am a verb

So said my mentor of over thirty years, R. Buckminster Fuller.

I am, you are, we are, a constantly evolving dynamic complexity of Universe.

Some us resist the verb aspect of our being. Some of us are buried in the hubris of arrival at superiority. Be that the superior cast, the superior nation state, the superior  tribe. 

To remain in the state of verbing, to seek the opportunity to be a beginner, again and again, to enter our relationships each day without dragging yesterday into the present time, is to live our verb.

What that means in practice is to, in our beginners mind, hit the dirt with our knees again and again. To know the humility of not knowing. 

This morning while surfing, not yet a year into my beginners mind of this amazing communion with wave, board and the elements, my mind insisted on being better than the morning brought. Rather than give myself the spaciousness of the beginner, the place to not know…I expected of myself something better. 

And in the doing I sucked the joy out of the experience. 

Surfing, like life, is to arrive in the moment in full verb. Never there, always learning.

Photo taken February 28th 2021