I dance for you

The perfect morning. Cool breeze, the moon across my left shoulder, the dawn revealing itself across my right.

My little dog Milly ensures that everyone on the beach is loved, even if they try to reject it.

The ocean is peaceful. The water warm and inviting, the sand hard underfoot.

My heart bursts with gratitude.

This is how my day commences. I live in this country. I have two legs to carry me while my beloved friend cannot walk at all – that possibility is gone for now.

I dance for you, Cynthia. I dance and skip and run on the beach because I am lucky to be able to. And because I hold you so close in my heart with the prayer that one day soon you and I may dance and skip together along this beach.

Until that time, you are with me as I skip, dance and love.

Sending love and gratitude.

and joy…oceans of joy.

To all…


March 4th 2018

Photo Taken March 4th 2018


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