I don’t want to live in a world without

“I don’t want to live in a world without Orangutans,” said the child to her mother.

Neither do I.

Or Blue whales, clean oceans, virgin forests and jungles.

Have we grown up yet, as humanity, to know that we are one Earth, and “over there” is someone else’s back yard? There is no place to throw our waste away that will not have a cost, which our children will bare.

Communities that need to clean-cut their forests to survive are cutting down any hope of a future that is healthy for us all. We have created the conditions for this to be considered an option.

It is time that we considered the all-in-accounting cost of our actions, the cost to Earth to extract, our commons to produce – clean air, water, land, soil – and the future cost that someone else will have to pay. Factor this into the costs and many businesses will no longer be seen as outstanding icons of glory, or even be able to show they are ‘profitable.’

Changing what we measure might create a future of greater beauty for our children.

October 4th 2018

Photo taken October 4th 2018