I extend my younger self the arm of compassion

The other day I was speaking with someone who talked about a meeting 15 years ago with a well-known author who seemed at the time to lack the sensitivity to thank the host or his fellow guests. Even though he has not had further contact, he held this author today in the same light, dismissing him for being ungracious, as if the 15-year interval had not given cause for the author to move into a more human self.

My recent experience of this author was not of the same person, but rather of someone who is heavily committed to a path of honouring all humans.

I look back at my past self and in some areas I cringe. Arrogance, righteousness. Smart arse. I was all of these and more.

I have grown up. I like myself more now. I am more decent. Caring. Humble. Not perfect.

I extend my younger self the arm of compassion. All of her rough edges brought me to here. I imagine that in 15 years I might feel the same about my today self. (And that makes me both cringe and be in wonder, simultaneously)

Do we persist in holding people in the pattern of our experience? Or do we extend them the space to become kinder, wiser?

Do we hold our past selves with contempt instead of allowing forgiveness to heal that which forged us to be here?

April 23rd 2018


Photo Taken April 23rd 2018